Makeup Lasts Longer With...

Primer is a no-miss step in my daily routine. If you think your makeup looks great on a daily basis -- try applying a primer prior to your makeup for even better results. Reviva Labs, I have to say, has one of the best makeup primers out there. Makeup Primer($19.50) by Reviva Labs comes in a mess-free bottle and one pump is all you need for the entire face. The primer is clear and looks like a gel on your palm, but is actually smooth to the touch.

Spread the primer evenly on your face and allow for your skin to absorb it before applying any makeup. Even though it feels a little thick, it won’t leave your skin oily what-so-ever. It quickly blends in filling in any lines and concealing pores. Not only does the primer let your makeup last longer, but you can also wear it alone for a smooth look.

Luckily I tried another great product from Reviva Labs -- the Vitamin E Oil Stick($4). It looks like a lipstick, but it’s more of a lip balm. The Vitamin E stick is jam-packed with moisture and it has an SPF 15.

Reviva Labs has an incredible collection of products that are good for your skin, and they don't do any testing on animals. Learn more about them at