Makeup Brush Guide

Okay so let's face it, shopping for makeup tools can be a bit overwhelming. Unless you've done the research,  are a beauty school grad, or have been strategically taught how to apply makeup by a pro, shopping for makeup brushes is just another instance where you rely on your instincts and common knowledge to guide you. Let that uncertainty end here. The following is a guide that explains how and when the following most basic and essential makeup brushes should be used.


1. First up, the foundation brush. Squirt a minimal amount of your liquid foundation onto it's bristles and paint from the center of your face outward to give your skin a smooth, even look. Focus primarily on your face's T-zone during this process, as that is the most common area in need of coverage for girls.
2. This little brush is for concealer. Used similarly to the foundation brush, it is most handy at times when you have only a few breakouts that need coverage.
3. The large powder brush is ideal for loose or matte powder. Dip it in your loose powder foundation or your powder bronzer and proceed to glide it along your face's most large and prominent features.
4. Number four is one of the more easily identified brushes: the blush brush. Use it delicately with your blush powder of choice to highlight your cheekbones.
5. The small blending brush is perfect for applying powder eyeshadow. Sweep it gently across your eyelids for either bold or subtle looks.