Make The Most Out Of A Single Product

For every glamour girl on the go, it’s pretty much vital to always carry a product that will just as easily fit in your wallet, as it will boost your confidence instantly. In an effort to avoid lugging around an entire makeup bag, I carry an all-in-one essential: Fresh SUGAR lip balm. Perhaps my greatest discovery this summer, Sugar lip balm hydrates lips as well as provides sun protection, and also serves as the perfect skin pick-me-up in a time of need. Yup, that’s right, your skin. There are three spots that I find appropriate for SUGAR Passion (my shade of choice): Your lips, your cheeks, and your eyelids. After a long day out and about, when it seems your vanity is still a solid distance away, you can easily dab some of this balm on your lips and the suggested facial areas to allow for a color boost and some shimmer. With the smallest of dots and the use of your hands to coax the moisturizing treatment along your most girly features, you can give yourself an instant boost of glam without looking completely redone. Another plus: the product seems to last forever, and comes in a variety of colors that can satisfy an assortment of skin tones and moods. (Sugar, Berry, Coral, Passion, Rose, Honey, and Plum).