Make Dirty Hair Chic

Great products don't have to cost a ton in order for you to see results and that's why I love shopping Suave's collections. Not only are their products incredibly affordable, but they work great too.

I usually buy their shampoos and conditioners but I was given the opportunity to try the new Suave Keratin Infusion dry shampoo and was so thankful for it. Dry shampoos are great for taking dirty hair and bringing it back to life for a couple more days. And if you have oily hair like me then this is a life saving product. I'm loving the keratin in this one, because it tones down frizz and absorbs the oils much quicker.

Suave's dry shampoo comes in a pretty gold can and the content inside is just as glam. Spray the airy shampoo on sectioned off parts of your scalp and then comb it so that it spreads. I like using my paddle brush to do this. Suave is allowing you re-create volume and go an extra day or two without having to wash your hair with their dry shampoo.