Exclusive Deals On SocialGoodies.com

Have you ever wondered, ‘What could be better than shopping?’ Shopping for a good cause of course -- especially when you’re getting insane deals. SocialGoodies.com is a website dedicated to offering you, the shopper, great deals while raising money for charities.

The website offers a “daily deal” up to 70% off of a diverse selection of products and brands. They then donate 20% of the proceeds to a sponsered charity of your choice. This month’s charities are: Teach for America, Doctors Without Borders and The Nature Conservancy. They’ve already raised over $20,000 for the charities!

Carie Salter, founder and CEO of Social Goodies said, “These nationally recognized charities have demonstrated the ability to make a meaningful impact on our global community: providing medical care to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect or catastrophe; protecting nature and our fragile ecological environment; and helping eliminate educational inequity. Based on personal feedback from Social Goodies registrants, these are some of the issues that truly matter to our community and we are excited to support these worthy causes.”

What will today’s shopping deal be? Find out at SocialGoodies.com, and follow them @SocialGoodiesCo.