Made From Earth For Your Skin

We all dream of the perfect skincare product that does exactly what we want it to in order to complement and improve our skin. Shopping for skincare products is overwhelming to say the least because there is so much out there and it’s difficult to break it all down to not only what actually works, but what is right for you and your type of skin. I have combination skin (oily t-zone, occasional dryness on the chin area) and although I change up my face wash every couple of months, I have been meaning to find a consistent moisturizer as well as a promising scrub that nourishes my skin without under or over drying. With combination skin it is difficult to find satisfaction in a moisturizer designed specifically for the face. In the past I have even found myself no longer feeling clean once I put on a heavy moisturizer after having washed my face. And sometimes a facial scrub is entirely too rough on my skin. A facial moisturizer and scrub should not only nourish and protect your skin but I like to believe it should also leave you feeling as refreshed as when you take a shower.

I came across two products that initially made me turn my head once I read that they were considered anti-aging skincare ones. I just didn’t think a gal in her twenties needed to be concerned with firming her face or focusing on eliminating wrinkles just yet. In reality, using products that are meant to not only improve the skin itself but its elasticity does not require an age limit in order to use it. It is not too early for young adults to gravitate towards products that will benefit their skin now as well as in years to come.

The first product is Made From Earth’s Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub that is a moisturizing face scrub designed for oily as well as dry skin. Meant to be used every few days, the Rooibos Tea facial Scrub works to eliminate dead skin cells while releasing toxins (Rooibos Tea is FULL of antioxidants, so it is great to drink and use on skin!) to improve the skin’s texture. A facial scrub is a must-have item in your skincare collection and there are so many times where people believe that merely washing your face is enough. A scrub gets deep down into your pores and scrubs away daily toxins enabling your skin to breathe and feel revitalized. I like to think that a scrub has the ability to pick up the pieces that a face wash tends to lead behind. Although we feel cleaner after washing our face, a scrub is what really gets the closest to your face. Using the Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub gives such a complete detoxifying clean that it makes sense to only use it just a few days a week!

And to complete the everyday skincare ritual, Made From Earth’s Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum works to eliminate and nourish dryness in addition to help improve signs of aging. Full of vitamins (A, B, C and E) and DMAE, which has been claimed by professionals to add firmness to the facial tissue, this brand certainly holds its own when comparing naturally based skincare products.

When I first used the serum after washing my face I was surprised to feel how light it felt on my skin. I also did not feel dried out as I usually do with more lightweight. Because my skin is on the oily side, I do not need an additional product for moisture due this serum’s effective yet light hydration.

Although after several weeks of using these products consistently I have not found my skin to be firmer or completely detoxified. But I have however felt nourished and refreshed from both the serum and facial scrub. We can’t necessarily tell if an anti-age regimen has been successful until we are older but if these products contains vitamins, lacks artificial preservatives, and can soothe my skin during my skincare rituals then I am in no rush just yet to see how fabulous I will look in years to come.