Pink Friday vs. Pink Nouveau

My Pink Friday lipstick from MAC finally arrived yesterday, and of course I couldn't wait to try it. This shade does not disappoint. It was limited edition created by Nicki Minaj along with MAC and sold for four consecutive Fridays, in honor of Nicki's debut album Pink Friday. Each Friday the lipstick sold out, and if you were one of the lucky ones to snag one then you must be very pleased. Pink Friday (14.50) is the perfect shade of pink. It's a light, pale-ish pink; kind of like something Barbie would wear. Many people said Pink Friday was way too similar to another Nicki Minaj favorite shade by Mac, Pink Nouveau (14.50). As as lover of pink lipstick I can tell you the two lipsticks are different.

Pink Nouveau is a deeper shade of pink as you can tell by the photo. When worn it goes on with more of a fuschia hint, while Pink Friday is a lighter, baby pink. Pink Friday might be a lighter shade, but it stands out just as much if not more.