Luxury For Men

If luxury for men came in a bottle -- then it would be found in one of the Osmium for Men products.

Age Defend Shaving Creme($19): Guys- shaving your face sounds painful. Age Defend is moisturizing and has a creamy texture that allows you to get a close shave. The Vitamin E and Chamomile soothe and condition the skin. Say goodbye to bumps and irritated skin when you use this.

Clean & Refresh Cleanser($22): This is the ultimate face cleaner. This cleanser removes dirt, oils and unclogs your pores. You’ll notice less breakouts when you start using it, and will be left with a fresh feeling. It goes hard at work and won’t dry your skin out.

Cellular Renew Creme($43): This is great to apply on the skin after washing your face and before bed. The skin absorbs it instantly so you won’t have an oily residue. Once applied it goes straight to work repairing your skin, diminishing wrinkles and even produces collagen. You’ll feel a tingly sensation on you skin.

Peak Performance Moisturizer($36): Peak Performance is perfect for all skin types. It’s got a light-weight texture, but hydrates the skin all day. Continuously applying it will improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

Whether you try one or several of their products, you’ll be hooked. They do exactly what they say they will and never leave the skin with an oily feel or look. They have natural ingredients and are free of many preservatives.

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