LUSH Ocean Salt: The bath-time cocktail

There are a plethora of great body scrubs on the market, but LUSH’s Ocean Salt has a unique ingredient that will leave your skin undeniably radiant—vodka! And this glorious bath-time cocktail will leave you far from hung over. LUSH extracts fresh lime in vodka to make a tincture with strong astringent properties that clears blocked pores. The concoction diminishes the appearance of blackheads, helps rid blemishes, and brightens skin tone. Because vodka is an antiseptic, which can dry out skin if overused, this product is best suited for those with combination to oily skin. Ocean Salt will have you feeling refreshed and squeaky-clean! LUSH’s Ocean Salt scrub is enriched with mineral abundant sea salts, which exfoliate dead skin.  The combination of coarse and fine salts makes for an effective exfoliator, while being gentle enough to use on the body and face. Ingredients like avocado butter and coconut sooth and moisturize damaged skin, leaving you with a lustrous complexion.

Extra bonus: LUSH products are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Cheers to that!



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