Look Flawless in Photos

Nowadays photos aren't just memories, nor are they private. Through social media sites, photos have become a way of first impressions. Consequently, looking good in photos is also a demand on the rise! Thankfully, makeup allows us to have some control over how photogenic we are...


First, determine if the outing you are going to will evolve into a photo-opportunity. If there is even a slight chance that you will be photographed, the most important thing to consider is your lighting.

Natural daylight is incredibly unforgiving. It captures all that is real- this includes your favorite features and your least favorite flaws! Likewise, this lighting will also capture your attempts to hide your flaws if the attempts are too extreme. How to solve this problem? Use light foundation and accent colors that don't stray too far from your normal skin tone. Day makeup should never be too harsh...the goal is to achieve the "no makeup" makeup look.

In contrast, fluorescent indoor lighting tends to wash out color, thus making your features virtually nonexistent. This is an instance when you can get away with wearing more makeup than usual and not appear outrageously overdone. If there is ever an opportunity to break out your dark liner, your bold blush, and your red lipstick at once, now is it!

As a whole, the best type of makeup for both indoor and outdoor lighting is matte makeup. Mattes are flat colors without shimmer. The reasoning behind wearing mattes for photos is that shimmer poses the opportunity for light to be reflected off of your face, which is exactly what doesn't turn out well on camera. In short, use mattes and avoid the deadly combo of camera flash + glimmer, which ultimately = oily mess.

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