A Little Mid Week Update

Hi dolls, I wanted to take a little break from my regular day-to-day posts to update you on some new things. Over the weekend I had filmed so many fun videos, including a vlog, and unfortunately have not been able to upload any of them. I thought I had planned this videos out perfectly, but there were some factors totally out of my control that played a role. My laptop ran of out storage space and no matter how many things I delete, it hasn't been enough to upload and edit a new video. My camera memory cards are currently sitting with tons of footage just waiting to be edited. I have an appointment at the Apple store later this evening so hopefully we'll get that resolved ASAP.


Another update -- if you follow me on Instagram then you already know about my online blogging course. I created the course last month and its tailored towards bloggers who want to take their blogs to the next level and turn it into an actual business. The online lessons will begin this Sunday, October 5th and I couldn't be more excited to be running it for a second time already! You can get a full description of the course here as well as sign up information below.

I have also have a pretty exciting announcement that I'm dying to make, but I've already filmed it and am just waiting to upload the announcement to my YouTube channel (I'm only 200 subscribers away from reaching 15K! Go follow please). Me on the look out for that ;) And finally, I'm so excited it is officially October. This is my favorite month and season AND my favorite holiday is approaching -- Halloween! Happy October! xoxo


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