Liquid vs. Pencil Eyeliner -- Who Will Win the Fight?

For the majority of girls just learning how to apply makeup at the ripe age of 13, pencil eyeliner is their go-to. As we mature, however, it is my personal opinion that females break away from the makeup that we “know” and discover the makeup that enhances our features the best… by this I mean, put on your big girl pants and attempt some liquid liner. Liquid eyeliner, when applied correctly, has a very crisp, no-smudge look.  My personal favorite comes from Urban Decay, and is reliable for enhancing the shape of my eyes without blending with my shadow or skin. To apply, start with a steady hand, and begin at the inner corner of your upper eyelid.  Continuing outward and staying as close to your lash line as possible, draw a medium-width line. For extra drama, continue the line ¼ inch beyond the outer corner of your lid. When finished, close your eyes for approximately one minute to ensure that the liquid dries. Once this process is completed, you will have a guaranteed professional look that will provide drama without the smudge risks posed by pencil.

Although it can be intimidating to use for fear of imperfect lines, liquid eyeliner is one of the more reliable forms of makeup a girl can familiarize herself with.  If you have always been a pencil person, I recommend giving liquid a shot. With some practice, you will soon develop not only a knack for drawing straight lines, but also a love for a product that you may have once feared. The compliments you'll be getting won't hurt either.