Lingerie for Spring 2013

Christmas might be days away, but with its eventual passing comes the onset of Spring 2013. In just a few months, we'll get to ditch our heavy coats and scarves (unless you live where I do, where it's been unseasonably warm) and look to light-weight colorful pieces. The wonderful renewal of spring clothing is enough to make a girl giddy, but this year when you go shopping for your spring wardrobe don't let your fashion sense stop at your sheer top, keep it going all the way down to your skin.

We spend so much time making our bodies look good that we often forget what's underneath it all is just as important. I'm not talking about your soul or personality. While I'm sure they are just as lovely as you are, I'm talking about your lingerie--whether it be the pieces you wear underneath your work clothes or the ones you take to the bedroom. This year, make sure your lifted, separated and looking sexy head-to-toe.

Mix some of these key spring trends into your lingerie collection and find yourself looking better than ever.

Lace and leather The ultimate combination of girly and power, lace and leather is great look inside and outside of the bedroom. Whether you're donning your leather jacket on top of a lace top by day or you're combining a leather corset and lace panties by night, you're guaranteed to feel like a badass. Leather corsets can get a little expensive, but are beautiful and timeless. You can even pair them with jeans, a skirt or even a dress; they're versatile.

The look of water Patterns and shapes resembling the look and movement of water ruled Fall Fashion week. Stay on trend by selecting chemises, bras and panties that reflect the blue of the ocean or have textural elements that resemble watery waves. As a bonus, blue is notoriously a lot of men's favorite color, so look sexy and turn him on even more.

Stripes Continuing the chevron phase from fall, stripes in any form are the way to go this season. With spring's forever nod to all things nautical, look for cute lingerie pieces that are beachy themed. Keep it new by looking for pastel pairings with white instead of the usual red or blue.

A cut of white White head-to-toe is yet again a staple spring look, but in efforts to change it up, designers used designs that had a lot of cut aways. Avoid looking bridal or virginal by using the all white look with lingerie pieces that have geometric elements to them. Cutaways in strategic spots, angular straps, and textural elements will keep it edgy and far from prude.

Sheer This is another great look carried over from the previous season. Sheer can be found in dresses, shirts and skirts alike, make it even sexier by getting black sheer bras and panties. However, I don't recommend combining the bra with the shirts, unless

Emerald Emerald was just named as Pantone's 2013 color of the year. Stay in style all year by picking up pieces with emerald hues. This color is also great for spring because it is fun, but light and will look great on a recently bronzed spring break body.

Now that you know, start stocking up now. Jump over to Adam & Eve and get your spring collection on.