Letting Go

let-go One of the hardest and most rewarding values we learn in life is the ability to let go of the things that are no longer serving us purpose. Whether it's a friendship, romantic relationship or a career path, it's important that we understand when it's time to truly move on and let it go for good. Although the idea is easier said than done (trust me I've been there) in the end it will all be worth it. Think about it for a few minutes; what is our ultimate purpose as human beings on this earth? It's to grow old, love, live our lives to the highest capacity and learn from the lessons we've experienced. How can we accomplish our birthright if we are stuck at a stand still? Remember we are only on this beautiful planet for a certain amount of time. Take advantage of everything this world has to offer. No matter how much you want to salvage that relationship or job, recognize and accept that it's over and it's now time for new beginnings. It will take all your might, tears, fears and will power, but once you make that transition, you will start a new chapter in your life and finally feel free! It's the beginning of a brand new year..why not take a chance and choose to be happy! Choose to let go!