Andalou: Nature's Skin Care

For the summer I usually stick to body lotions, while during those winter days I love body butters. Recently I've been using Andalou’s Kuikui Cocoa Body Butter and surprisingly love it -- even during the hottest days. Body butter is thick and great for dry skin -- often heavier than the regular body lotion. What I like about Andalou is that it goes on smooth and I only need to apply it once.

The Kuikui body butter calms damaged skin, restores the skin’s natural elesticity, and stregthens the collagen among other things. My skin stays well moisturized and I don't worry about re-applying. The body butter is a creamy texture and has a sweet scent to it. Don't worry about the scent being overpowering because it naturally blends into your skin and you're still able to wear your favorite fragrance on top of it.

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