Leather Bound Using Charms on Leather Bracelets

Since the release of Pandora’s Leather bracelets as alternatives to the bangle bracelets and barrel claps, they have risen in popularity because of their edgier look and bespoke combinations with charms. Although the silver bracelets will always be the classic designs for the beautifully feminine brand, they are better suited with minimal accessories on your arm. The leather alternatives however can stand alone or better; be stacked with other jewelry to create a modern twist to accessorizing. 9fd0f0f9-d2d1-478b-b2b1-ce7431f87668

The leather bracelets come in a range of forms and colors. Whether choosing the triple leather or double woven it’s a good idea to think about the color depending on how you can attach your charms. The pink, purple and black leather bracelets are usually the most popular because of the numerous pink and red pavé charms that compliment the leather so well, and the black obviously can go with anything. As the charms can slide around the length of the bracelet you can pick up recently released silicone stoppers that are placed on the inside of the charm to avoid this happening, although with only a few charms it wouldn’t be so much of an issue. To avoid the charms moving around and being damaged stick with clips, Murano beads and pavés rather than weightier dangles.

The simplicity of the leather bracelets means that almost any charms can be added. However, the charms that particularly suit the leather look include the glass Murano beads in a flattering color to the leather; the purple or white ones are beautiful. The newer Pavé Hearts collection will also suit for similar reasons, as well as brightening up an otherwise plainer bracelet. The colored charms would be better suited to the leather material than any silver pavés, the red pavé heart being the strong choice. The aim is to add a bit of sparkle to the leather to create a mixture of trends.

The leather bracelets have recently fallen to criticism for their durability. Alone with no charms they are clearly tough, but the fun is to show off those charms! The key to doing so is to be selective in choosing your charms. If the silver bracelets can handle 17 to 20 charms the leather look must be much more particular with only 7 to 9 charms at a push. With fewer charms the bracelet will last longer and can always be stacked with other jewelry for a chunkier look. As with all jewelry it is always important to look after it, for leather it is best to condition it and never shower with it on; water damage is the worst! The conditioning will not only help the leather stay strong but also keep as much of the color intact as possible.

Adorning your charms to leather bracelets is an exciting new way to revamp the Pandora classics, although they can also be worn alone. Buy one that may seem slightly too small, as leather will always stretch slightly, and remember to accessorize with color!