Learn All About The Beauty Industry At Beauty BizCamp

beauty biz camp, corynne corvette, beauty industry careers, how to make it in the beauty industry A very tough industry to break into is beauty. Throughout high school and college I had such a passion for the beauty industry, but wasn’t aware of all the different careers I could focus on. I also wasn’t equipped with information on how to go about breaking into the industry. Most of what I know today has been self-taught through constant research as well as trial and error. Former Essence Magazine editor, Corynne Corbette, is about to change all that doubt and make it possible for girls to make it in the beauty industry.

Corynne has founded Beauty Biz Camp for girls ages 12-18 who are interested in the beauty industry. The camp focuses on the most important topics -- from blogs to products to Television. At Beauty BizCamp the girls will leave with the confidence they’ll need to succeed in the world of beauty. Teaching the seminars will be experts from each field and I am so honored to say that Corynne has invited me to come speak with the girls on the topic of beauty blogs and having a YouTube channel. I wish this camp was around when I was younger, but am so excited for the opportunity these girls are going to receive. Here's some more advice the founder has shared with us:

SuperGlamNews: Beauty Biz camp is such an amazing opportunity for girls wanting to learn and pursue a career in the beauty industry. What drove you to make this camp happen?

Corynne: I have spent a lot of time talking to young women about their careers and offering my advice. Often, I've seen them after college graduation and I realized they could have used this advice earlier. By starting with teens they get a glimpse of a variety of career paths worth pursuing early enough that they can prepare accordingly. I wanted to start with the beauty business because I have spent the majority of my career as a beauty editor. I also think that beauty editors are uniquely positioned to see all aspects of the industry.

For those not able to attend the camp, maybe they’ve past the age limit, what advice can you share on making it in the beauty industry?

Well, I have thought about them as well and I will be developing programming for both college-aged students and those who completed college and are now interested in pursuing a career in the industry and have no idea where to begin starting in early 2014.

What has been one of the most important or toughest lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?

I think it is important to find your voice and not be afraid to use it—it's an essential part of pursuing your dreams. We often want something but don't express our desires and expect other's to read our minds. Conversely, we sometimes pursue goals to check them off of our lists and we don't give any thought to what makes our hearts sing. Find your passion and pursue with everything you have.
Visit beautybizcamp.com for more information on the camp, how to register and see the curriculum schedule.