Klix Makeup Brushes Make Life Easy

I have to tell you dolls about the amazing makeup brushes I’ve been using called Klix. The brushes are incredibly soft and applies the makeup on your skin evenly without leaving any residue. I hate when brushes are so rough that they scrape off way more makeup than is actually needed. With Klix you don’t need to worry about that. What makes these brushes even more special is that the actually brush comes off.

As you know, makeup brushes need to be cleaned often and eventually replaced. Klix brushes come with a little button on the handle that when clicked, the brush part comes right off. This makes cleaning brushes a whole lot easier. Instead of buying a whole new kit, you can just buy the head of the brushes you actually need. Throw away the old brush, and click on the new one to your handle.

Check out the fab brushes out for yourself at www.klixbrushes.com. Promise you’ll love them!

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