Kim Kardashian Bridges Hollywood and Silicon Valley

KimKardashianapp4 Let’s face it, we all still have our own conceptions of the fashion of the tech world. While we now have movements in favor of Geek Chic, which many celebrities have been seen to sport recently, we all still carry the same idea of tech geeks: unfashionable, bespectacled people who spend their days in front of computers.

However, while far from being a tech geek herself, Kim Kardashian is slowly bringing style to the tech scene. The buxom celebrity was a stunner when she spoke at Recode late in October, wowing the audience with her stunning all-white outfit. Kim Kardashian landed a spot in the Recode conference after the success of her mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which has been set to quadruple the game’s developer’s profits this year. But at the conference, Kim said she hadn’t anticipated the success her game would see.


So why exactly was Kim Kardashian: Hollywood such a stellar success? It had a lot to do with the actual gameplay more than it had to do with Kim herself. The mobile industry has shown a trend in games integrating two different genres into one game. Recently, Gaming Realms released Spin Genie, a game that put Adventure RPG elements into the more casual slot machine genre, all programmed on HTML5 to make it compatible with mobile devices. Developer Kairosoft has also been creating app that feature city-building elements in various environments ranging from apartments to RPG towns. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’s strength lies in its ability to put a twist on the old dress-up games and make them more story-driven and interactive, making it a game that can be played by all ages (save for some mild adult references).

Let’s not forget the <em>fashion</em> found within the game itself. Many of the items that players can dress their avatars in are patterned after the clothes that the Kardashian family wears, and it’s always a great experience to be able to say that you wore the same outfit Kim wore to one of her red carpet appearances. The game has (so far) been updated regularly with new content, making for excellent replay value too, and while Kim hadn’t anticipated the success of the game, she’s showing no signs of letting the game go, having just renewed her contract with the publishers for another 3 years. Looks like the tech industry be seeing much more from this buxom beauty in years to come.