Jungle Photo Shoot at The Glam Factory

I did makeup for my first photo shoot this past weekend and it was the most exhausting yet exciting day I've had in a long time. The photo shoot location was at the famous Glam Factory and Alexa Prisco, The Glam Fairy, shot the photos. The shoot was an editorial one and my theme was the jungle.

Lately I've been hearing so much about designers and beauty products/brands going the eco-friendly and green route. I was inspired by that and wanted to exaggerate it by having my model be a jungle woman who lives, breaths and eats green. I wanted to incorporate shades of green and a touch of brown. It was also a great excuse to throw on my leopard leggings and jump right into my entire theme ;)
I had the talented hair stylist, Jennifer Blithe, help me complete the look my taking my model's hair to new heights. I wanted big, teased, jungle-like hair and that's exactly what she created. My model, Kayla Zaffuto was also amazing to work with!
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