Fall In Love With Jessica Simpson Fragrance

When it comes to all things girly and beautiful, Jessica Simpson is our go-to girl. She has consistently showered us with product after product that every girl would love to own. The most recent product of hers that I'm excited to share with you is her new signature fragrance, Jessica Simpson. perfumebottle

For me, Jessica's fragrance was love at first spritz. When I'm searching for a new fragrance, I'm attracted to scents that are bold, but not overwhelming. Jessica and I have something in common there, because as she was developing this fragrance she would apply it around her husband, Eric Johnson, to see if he'd notice. She believes, as well as I, that a fragrance shouldn't be an offensive scent that everyone around you notices.

The Jessica Simpson fragrance blends florals, citruses, notes of vanilla and sandalwood. Overall the scent is a romantic one that will linger around you -- in a good way. Speaking of romance, the fragrance bottle embodies that as well. Jessica wanted the bottle to be a warm champagne color to match the color of her wedding dress, which she was planning at the same time she was creating this new fragrance.


One of the best things about getting a new fragrance, aside from the actual fragrance, are the matching scented products. Along with the fragrance, I have the Jessica Simpson body lotion, which smells just as amazing. I also have this gorgeous rose gold bag and mini makeup bag to match. I love mini bags like this and always keep one in my purse to hold necessities.
I love all of the details Jessica put into this fragrance, and whenever I wear it I can't help but feel warm and romantic. Have you tried the Jessica Simpson fragrance? I think I might have found my new signature scent! Watch the video below to  see Jessica Simpson embody the fragrance in her stunning plume dress.

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jessica Simpson through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about the Jessica Simpson Fragrance, all opinions are my own.