It's All About the Eyes

Without even realizing it, most females become creatures of habit when it comes to doing their eye makeup. To help you stray away from your usual tendencies, here are a few simple tricks to making your eyes stand out...


For a wide awake look, put a small amount of white shadow (or very pale foundation) in between the corner of your eye and the bridge of your nose. Adding light to that small area of will make your eyes appear very open and bright. Try this for times when you have to be up and out at an early hour, or when you know you are going to be photographed. In any case, your eyes will appear wide, and you will appear widely gorgeous!

For super dark, dramatic eyes, don't just use liner on your ordinary lash line. Use a pencil to draw on the inner rim of the eye, also known as the water line. This will give you an incredibly smokey, mysterious look.

Shockingly enough, eye liner does not actually make your eyes look bigger. In fact, when used fully, it closes out most of the eye. For times when you are looking to use eye makeup sufficiently, but maintain eye openness, draw only until the halfway point at both your upper and lower lash line.


For slightly gentler eyes, try using a liner that is not black. Eye liner colors such as brown and gray still enhance your look without being too harsh. Try switching it up by using a light color during the day and saving black for nights out.