Is Murad in Your Routine?

A skin care routine is an important one to develop early on. You can't rely on products to help you out only when something is terribly wrong with your skin. If you're not sure what to use or have yet to stabilize a skin care routine then check out Murad. Their Hydro Dynamic Moisture is perfect for day and night. I like the softness of this moisturizer. Normally when products are light we think it isn't as powerful, but this one delivers. Not only does it keep your skin moisturized for the entire day, but it gives it a refreshing feeling. I suggest applying it in the morning. The skin absorbs the moisturizer quickly and you can apply your makeup soon after over it. The jar it comes in is just as beautiful. I think the packaging of a product is important, and just by looking at the jar you know it’s of quality.

The Complete Reform cream goes to work on your skin immediately. Just because you wash your face at night doesn't mean you should leave it bare. By offering nightly moisture it keeps the skin hydrated. Complete Reform tightens the skin while making it smoother and softer. In the morning you can bet on healthier looking skin. Who knows -- you might even skip the makeup.