Introduce Your Hair to Steam Creams & Oils

My hair -- it’s been through so much already and yet I know there is still more to come. Whether it’s frying sessions with a flat iron or being over-processed with dye jobs -- at the end of the say the outcome’s not so great. I can’t blame it on those days where my strands are frizzy, dry and looking not so glam.

Steam Creams and Oils came to the rescue! When you see the results from using it for the first time you will agree on how worth it this treatment is. This treatment works in steps. I had steps 1 and 2 (which are for the roots just different scents) and step 3 (which is for the ends). My favorite scent was from the step 1 bottle. I applied about 20 drops to my roots and combed it with the Steam wood comb. The comb is made from naturally seasoned Sisham wood and helps spread the oils on your scalp. Next I poured about a quarter-sized amount from bottle number 3 and applied it to my ends in a downward motion.

The oils can be left in your hair for 20 minutes before rinsing or over night. I figured the longer the treatment was in my hair the more beneficial it would be and so I left it on over night. In the morning your hair will be really oily of course because now the steam oils have spread with your natural oils. I washed my hair like I normally would and blew it dry. I don’t mean to sound like a hair commercial, but my hair really has never looked better or healthier. The results were the three important S’s for hair -- shiny, soft and smelled good.

In the summer it is especially important to take good care of your hair. On top of your normal hair routine, you’re also exposing it to the sun, harsh chemicals from pools and salt water from those beach trips. If it weren’t for Steam Creams and Oils my hair would not look as great in pictures or in person. Check out the other steps they have available at