Intoxicating TOCCA

Time to retire my staple scent, I scoured the shelves of Sephora's perfume aisles in search of an alluring new fragrance. I tend to favor fruiter notes, but I desired a more mature, sensual  eau de cologne. My keen sense of smell lead me to the intoxicating aroma of TOCCA's Cleopatra-- a perfume as charming as the temptress herself.  Top notes include the sweet smells of bitter grapefruit, lush greens, and cassis bud that are complemented by a bouquet of jasmine, peach nectar and tuberose. Bottom notes of warm patchouli, golden amber, and rich vanilla musk adds a balance of earthiness to the mix. A union of fruity and floral, this perfume will surely seduce your senses. The decorative bottle is just as enticing and will definitely please your inner queen! This little treasure will look beautiful atop your bureau. The golden bottle cap is decorated with garden-themed adornments and the circular bottle adds a touch of class.

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TOCCA Cleopatra will unleash your sultry side, leaving you irresistible to potential suitors!