Intensive Scalp Treatment For Fuller Hair

Not matter what type of hair you have, you should be using a treatment at least once a week. Over the years after all we put into it and use on our hair, it starts to need an extra boost. I dye my hair, constantly wash and style it with hot tools. On top of that my hair is extra fine.

I tried out the Keranique Intensive Scalp Treatment at a crucial time for my hair. For two months I rocked Ombré locks and decided a couple of weeks ago to go back to my super dark roots. The scalp is the root of your hair, the base and what holds it all together. I really wanted a treatment that focused on that and Keranique fit my needs. The box contains 8 capsules. Every time I washed my hair I spread the liquid in the capsule all over my scalp and massaged it into my roots.

I felt like those 8 capsules lasted me forever since I only wash my hair about twice a week. This treatment was perfect for making sure my hair was strong enough to once again dye my hair. And even through all the styling my hair is still shiny and strong.