Indulge With la prairie's Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection

Although I love discovering new drugstore products, if there's one thing I like to invest in it's skin care products. If you want flawless skin and makeup that looks beautiful you have to start by using the proper skin care products for your particular skin type. My latest discovery in that department is la prairie's Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection.

la prairie cellular swiss ice crystalsIMG_5132

I take moisturizing very seriously so I was excited to try this cream and dry oil duo. The listed benefits are things every single person can benefit from like:

  • preventing water loss in the skin
  • building resilience in your skin
  • firming
  • minimized the appearance of wrinkles

The Cellular Ice Crystal Cream has a Swiss Ice Crystal Complex that makes the benefits listed above work. By applying this cream every single day it protects your skin against daily stresses by making it stronger. The results are a smoother, brighter complexion.

The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil offers the same benefits with an increase of moisture by sealing the oil into your skin and helping it last longer than other moisturizers and oils do.


The two products work wonderfully together. In the mornings I apply the cream and at night I mix the cream with the oil. The oil has to be my favorite of the two. I'm a big fan of face oils and this one takes the cake. It disappears into your skin almost instantly. You're left with soft, moisturized skin minus the greasy and shiny look.

I love the main ingredient in these two products -- Swiss Ice Crystal. The ingredient has a powerful task at hand and it works.


Miles high in the Swiss Alps, in a world of sheer ice crystals, beauty transcends time. Here, two seemingly fragile plants and one tiny algae survive and thrive in the harshest setting on earth, developing strategies to outwit the environment. It’s only fitting then that la prairie, with a heritage deeply rooted in Switzerland, harnessed these extreme-survivalist secrets into the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection. The discovery combines some of the most sophisticated survivalist secrets.

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