Indulge In Modere Skin Care

Skin care has always been a priority for me. From a young age I understood that in order to look good with makeup on, your skin had to be in great as well. Not only is it crucial to have a proper skin care routine, but it's a way of pampering yourself. It's always a pleasure discovering new skin care products and brands. Today I want to introduce you to a brand I've secretly been indulging in -- Modere. IMG_8734


What I love about Modere is that they're all about providing clients with an experience. Their products are ones you can indulge in and really feel like you're treating yourself. They also have products for men so when you're shopping Modere make sure to treat your guy to something too.

When it comes to the skin Modere focuses on indulging, improving and exfoliating. This beauty box couldn't have been any more perfect. Any product you can think of needing for a good skin care routine, they've got you covered. Even down to the makeup remover. I love that they offer the option to pick and choose the products you want to try out or purchase the collection in total.

A favorite of mine has to be their Antioxidant Gel. Applying cream after cream can become a bore after a while. I love the way the gel feels against my skin. It wakes me up in the morning and helps me feel refreshed. This gel is packed with Vitamin C, has a skin brightening formula (which is very important to me) and is anti-aging. In other words -- we all need this Antioxidant gel in our lives.

Check out for yourself and get to know their amazing products today.

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