Illuminate: Pond’s Luminous Line Review + GIVEAWAY

There are a few things that will have me sold when deciding to incorporate a new face wash into my face regimen. The wash needs to be gentle yet deeply cleanses, it needs to refresh and reinvigorate my skin while removing dirt, makeup, and oil, all the while keeping my skin from over-drying in the process.

Pond’s new Luminous Line, promises all of the above. Coming in four different dermatologist-tested facial care products – the Day Lotion with SPF 15, the Cream Cleanser, the Daily Exfoliating Cleaner, and the Wet Cleansing Towelettes – all have slightly different purposes with one main goal in mind – to create clean, healthy-looing skin.

Day Lotion with SPF 15 (5.79)

A light lotion that contains UVA/UVB to provide sun protection for our UV sensitive skins. It promises to enrich with illuminating minerals to brighten dull skin.

My opinion: The scent is very light (all products in this line share this scent) and soothing and the lotion is very lightweight and easy to put on, without having to worry about it leaving your face too greasy. However, it’s a little too lightweight. You will need to squeeze out more than a dime size to get the moisturizing effects you desire. The good thing is, is that it quickly absorbs into your skin, the bad, you will have to reapply or put on a good thick amount on to have your face feeling hydrated.

Cream Cleanser ($5.79)

It is said to gently draw trapped impurities and make-up to brighten dull skin. It is enriched with soft white Kaolin clay, which is meant to act as a magnet to gently draw out impurities.

My opinion: It has a great creamy formula that is gentle and silky to the skin. While gentle, it provides a deep cleanse to remove oil, dirt, makeup, or all the above.

Daily Exfoliating Cleanser ($5.79)

Deeply cleanses and exfoliates. The exfoliating cleanser also includes soft white Kaolin clay as well as gentle microbeads that help to remove dull, lifeless skin.

My opinion: One of the gentlest exfoliating cleansers that does its job. It absolutely renews your dull skin, resulting in a natural everyday glow to your face.

Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($4.99)

Soft, textured cleansing cloths that gently draw out trapped makeup and impurities to revive dull skin (also made with soft Kaolin clay).

My opinion: Comes 30 sheets in a pack, the towelettes are soft and leave your skin feeling equally soft. They are able to successfully remove excess makeup, oil, and dirt on your face. You can use them whenever, especially on lazy days/nights where all you have to do is swipe the cloth over your face a few times for results. They are an amazing product to have more so to ensure you really remove all grime after a face wash.

All of the products were gentle to the skin but worked well to draw out impurities, remove the toughest of products like mascara, as well as revived the skin. However they are not the most hydrating of products. Expect to use that Day Lotion right after you wash your face with any of the other three products, and expect to use a good amount of the Day Lotion to get the right moisturizing results.

Your skin will be just as the line suggests – luminous – once incorporated into your daily face routine and at great affordable prices, which makes it all the more enticing to try.

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