How To: Pick the Best Skinny Jean for your Body Type

Contrary to popular belief, every girl can rock the infamous skinny jean. The ingredients to this tricky recipe include 1) knowing your body type  2) knowing your personal, comfortable style and 3) an ounce of confidence. Sounds easy, right? Not quite - read on to discover how this almost-century old style requires a bit of basic training in the how-to department. For the long-legged ladies out there, you're in luck. Many brands cater towards your long legs, especially Uniqlo. Affordable and stylish, Uniqlo's jeans feature inseams long enough to cover your ankle, while making available an in-house tailoring team to alter any jean if it's not at your desired length.

For the more weight-conscious, there's the stretchy skinny jean. You can literally slip them on, add ballet flats and an over-sized sweater and walk out the door.  The best part of the stretchy skinny jean is that regardless of how many times they end up in the wash, they won't lose their elasticity.

Petite styles are often overlooked and have a tendency to be unavailable (or sold out) in many stores. Petite clothing is not just shorter in the hem, but is also designed with smaller frames in mind. Feel free to scour the non-petite sections as well, or check out Abercrombie and Fitch for a fit that is perfect for the petite woman - shorter inseams, a modest rise, and a fit close enough for being daring instead of scandalous.

Many definitions embody the curvy woman as having an hourglass figure, with wider hips, thighs and bust compared to her narrow waist. For curvy women, it's all about emphasizing the waist. The high-waist hides the areas you are most conscious about, adding a slimming effect. One rule of thumb when shopping for the high-waist skinny jean: always try them on - the last thing you want is a camel toe and a drooping effect around the waistband. Not flattering for anyone.

And there you have it. Use this how-to guide on your next skinny jean excursion. Oh, and one thing I forgot to add: take some confidence with you. It's something that I can't ever write about, because you all have it, tucked underneath your skinny jeans and over-sized sweaters, already.