How To Look Fresh After the Gym

When you're going to the gym on your lunch break or taking a workout class at school, there just isn't time to shower and wash your hair after exercising. Luckily, there are some things we can do to freshen up other than the obvious deodorant and changing clothes. 1. Dry shampoo. Check out our recent article for reviews if you don't know much about them. They add a lot of volume to hair that's flat from a ponytail and take out a lot of the grease and dirtiness.



2. Speaking of ponytails, try using no-crease hair ties. They're really popular right now because the fabric they're made out of doesn't tug on your hair or leave a tell tale pony tail line. They're cheap and can be found anywhere: Walmart and Target, drugstores, even Sephora.




3. Face wipes. You never want to work out with makeup on anyway, but in case you forget, keep some face wipes in your gym bag. Clean your face before your workout to make sure all the pore-clogging makeup is gone, and then again after your workout to get rid of the sweat. This will prevent breakouts and give you a clean canvass for your after-workout makeup if you're going back to work or class.



4. Similarly, Wet Ones are good to have if you're in a real rush and can't hop in the shower to rinse off. Wipe down any sweaty areas to freshen yourself up and avoid smelliness.



5. If you're going to use perfume after the gym, keep it light and clean. Heavy scents don't mix well with slight sweatiness, and when you're all hot and tired, you'll probably want something cool and fresh smelling anyway. Try something like Estee Lauder's White Linen.


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