How to Keep Skin Clear and Healthy While Traveling

My skin, and a lot of other people's, tends to go crazy when traveling. I don't know if it's because of stress, different irritants or dry airplane air, but my skin always has problems when I'm away from home. Since it is the holiday season, it's the perfect time to learn how to keep your skin clear for all your family gatherings and Christmas parties! Firstly, it always helps to use products that you know will not irritate your skin. So don't change up your routine when you travel. I have sensitive skin, so I take the cleanser, toner and moisturizer that my skin is used to, and put them in travel-size bottles.

Lately I've been using Clean & Clear's Blackhead Eraser Scrub as a cleanser. It's great for people who have sensitive acne-prone skin. It exfoliates without being harsh, is oil free, and it has salicylic acid to prevent break outs. I also use the Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Toner for sensitive skin. That whole brand is great for preventing break outs.


For moisturizing, which is especially important if you're traveling by plane, I use Aveeno Clear Complexion daily moisturizer. It also has salicylic acid to help breakouts, and it is one of the few moisturizers that doesn't make my skin feel greasy.










And don't forget a spot treatment! Again, I use a Clean & Clear product. It's the Persa-Gel 10 maximum strength. It has benzoyl peroxide and zaps any zits almost over night. It's a must have for emergencies.









But the face isn't the only part that needs attention. Legs and arms tend to get dry in the winter time, so bring a lotion or body butter. I've been loving the Hempz original herbal body moisturizer. Don't be scared by the leaf on the bottle! It smells delicious, feels amazing, and comes in a travel size so I don't have to find a little bottle for it. Ulta sells the full size for $23 and travel size for $7.30.

Last but not least, do not forget a good lip balm! Any lip balm will be fine as long as it's soothing and moisturizing. There's nothing worse than having chapped lips and no lip balm, especially if you're going somewhere cold.