How To Get Super Soft Lips

I’m obsessed with wearing lip stick and in order to pull off any color, my lips need to look their absolute best. Using just two products I’m able to maintain the softest lips ever.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Lush Lip Scrub (I have the Bubble Gum flavor which tastes and smells incredible)

Vaseline Lip Therapy (It's the cutest little jar)

Take a dot of the lip scrub and massage it on your clean lips. You can actually lick the remaining product off and it will taste exactly like bubble gum. The little jar it comes in smells amazing. Once you remove the scrub from your lips, you will notice instantly the softness of them. Proceed to apply some of the vaseline lip therapy -- you will not have the softest, smoothest lips ever!

Shout out to PerlaInTheCity. If it wasn't for her blog I wouldn't have discovered this amazing lip scrub. Thanks so much for the recommendation and make sure you guys check out her fab blog!