How to Fix Brassy, Orange Hair

Everybody has at least one hair catastrophe in their lifetime, and mine was this week. Long story short, my hair turned bright orange. This happens to a lot of brunettes who try to lighten their hair, especially with at home kits, so it's good to know your options in case it ever happens to you. Firstly, if your hair is just a little bit more brassy than you like it, a purple shampoo might do the job. This is definitely the easiest option. Lathering up with a purple or silver shampoo will neutralize the brassiness and make your hair more ash toned. A lot of blondes use it when their hair starts to fade, and a couple of uses will do the job. Even drugstore brands are starting to come out with products like this.



If your hair is actually orange due to a coloring mistake, then you really need to go to a salon! Color correction is a big ordeal, and there is a lot than can go wrong. But if you refuse to see a professional, Sally Beauty Supply has a toner in every color and developers in every level. Basically you need an ashy or blue-toned color to counteract the brassiness. The level of the developer you get corresponds with how much lifting you're trying to do. But if your hair is very light, using too much of an ash color could turn it green like chlorine. The Sally's girls will be able to help recommend things to you if you're totally lost. Again, at home toners not work the way you want, but they're a lot less expensive than seeing a professional.

If you're able to go to a salon for color correction, they will do all they can to fix it. In my case, we had to strip the color, add a filler color to get rid of old highlights, and then mix a new color to cover the filler. There's a good chance that it will take more than one appointment to get your hair back to normal, but it's so worth it. After having a hair disaster, you don't want to do any more damage to your hair without knowing for sure that it will be fixed! A deep conditioning treatment will help keep your chemically treated hair soft and not fried, and a lot of salons will do that for free.

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