How To Do A Perfect Messy Pony

You know those days where your hair is not-so-clean and you only have a few minutes to be out the door? Those were the days that messy pony tails were made for. I used to call those days my 'bad hair days' but I have now mastered the messy pony tail and I'm sharing my tips with you today. unnamed-1 unnamed

For this look all you will need is a hair tie, teasing bush and the Eco Tools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush. If you happen to wash your hair before doing this style then this EcoTools brush will be your best friend. The brush is designed to help dry your hair 40% faster! That means less work for you and less damage for your hair, because you're cutting the time your hair is being attacked by a heat tool in almost half. Once your hair is dry we're ready to get started:


Step 1: Brush your hair out to make sure there are no tangles. The Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush makes an excellent detangler.

Step 2: Section off the top of your hair and tease it to create some volume up top. I like to add a little hairspray here to maintain the volume and give my hair some texture.

Step 3: Brush your hair back and gently brush over the teased part on top. Then tie your hair up in a pony tail.

Step 4: Add some volume to the tail by alternating teasing with your teasing brush and the EcoTools brush. Once your pony is teased to perfection you're ready to walk out the door.


You can find more makeup and hair tutorials on the EcoTools blog.

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