How to Contour Your Face Like a Pro

Everyone has the power to transform his or her appearance for the better using ordinary face powders. The key is knowing when and where to use light and dark shades.


To achieve the most basic and flattering contouring, start by evenly applying an overall liquid foundation to your face (the color should match your natural skin tone). Once you’ve created a thin primer layer, sweep a powder that is a shade slightly darker than your foundation along the following areas:

  • Beneath you cheek bones, starting at your ears and directed in a slight downward angle towards your lips
  • Underneath your chin, and along your neck
  • Along the sides of your nose

Next, sweep a powder that is a shade slightly lighter than your foundation in these areas:

  • The bridge of your nose
  • In between your eyebrows
  • Underneath your eyes
  • Your cheek bones

Once these steps are complete use a powder-less bronzer brush to gently blend and smooth any harsh lines that may have been created in the process.  After all, the purpose of contouring, and makeup in general, is to make it so that nothing is obvious.

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