How To Apply False Lashes

As much as I love makeup and everything that comes with it, lashes have always been difficult for me. Not matter how much I tried, I just could not get the hang of apply false lashes. Then one day I told myself that I was going to master the art of applying them. I went to the drugstore to buy a few pairs and went straight home to practice. That week I wore false lashes every single day, no matter where I was going, just so that I could continue practicing. And guess what? I finally got the hang of it. I went from not caring about false lashes at all to being kind of obsessed with them. I created this video in order to share some of my tricks when it comes to applying falsies. In the video I also share my favorite lashes to wear, glue and accessories.

Hope you guys enjoy the video and are on your way now to becoming lash pros.

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