Holiday Makeup With Neutrogena

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Tis' the season for glamorous makeup looks. I always take advantage of the Holidays for the chance to go all out with my makeup looks, try different products and incorporate colors I wouldn't normally use in my everyday makeup looks.

This year has been more hectic than ever. With the Holidays approaching quicker than ever, family traveling and moving to a new place I feel like I haven't had the time for much in the beauty department. Luckily Neutrogena® has come to the rescue as I was introduced to a ton of products of theirs that's going to help my makeup last a night long (for the parties) and make sure I feel my most bella.

One of the things I like to work into my makeup for the Holidays is a little bit of shimmer. Thinking back I can recall one year where I tried to use shimmery eyeshadows -- total fail! Although I used a primer, the shimmery eyeshadow completely smudged off my lids and it was not a festive look whatsoever. When I came across the Neutrogena® creaseless shadow sticks I knew I had to include these in my Holiday makeup look.



For this look I started off with the Neutrogena® Oil Free moisturizer with SPF 35. While my makeup appears to make me look beautiful this moisturizer is hard at work protecting my skin and making sure I stay smooth all day long without the greasy feel. Over that I apply the Neutrogena® Long Wear Makeup foundation (the shade Natural Beige matched me perfectly). This foundation is a true gem. Just like its name the foundation offers long wearing coverage while giving you a breathable look that you can layer. While you wear the fountain, it's also working on evening out your skin tone so the long term benefits of using this foundation are a plus for me.

Now back to those creaseless eyeshadow sticks I was telling you about. The Neutrogena® Crease Proof Eyeshadow sticks are a new favorite products of mine. They offer up to 12 hours of wear and are so easy to use. I swiped the shade Constant Copper all over my eye lids for that little bit of shimmer I wanted to incorporate. The final touch was the MoistureSmooth Color Stick in the shade Juicy Peach. This really pulled the entire look together. These colorsticks offer so much moisture, deliver color and gives you a glossy finish.

With Neutrogena® it's so easily to feel beautiful and they're making getting ready for the Holiday parties easier than ever with these amazing products. Check them all out for yourself here

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