Hitting 30K Subscribers on YouTube + Giveaway

I am in awe of the number 30,000 because when I first started uploading videos on YouTube it seemed practically impossible. In those beginning days I'd be lucky to hit 50 views on a video. Anytime someone new subscribed I couldn't believe it. Someone actually is interested enough in the content that they're watching on my channel, that they're committing to watching even more of it. Reaching 30K subscribers on YouTube is no small feat for me. That means 30 thousand individuals have decided to give me shot. I keep repeating the number because it's unbelievable to me. This milestone in my career pushes me to do more, to create even better content on my channel for all of you.

I appreciate your support and will forever be grateful for every view on a video, every comment and every subscriber. All I can say is, thank you. And as a big thank you, you know I had to put a little giveaway together. Watch the video below to see what the 2 winners will get. And you can also head over to my Instagram account and enter an It Cosmetics giveaway I have going on as well.

Good luck everyone and thank you for pushing me xoxo.

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