Have You Been on Fotolia?

Ever browse the Internet for images or videos and couldn’t find what you were looking for or it was private? As a blogger the Internet is one of my biggest resources, especially for images. At www.fotolia.com you can browse through their catalog of literally millions of photos without worrying about copyright issues or anything like that.

I love the simplicity of the website and how resourceful it’s been. For instance I can type in pink lipstick and I’ll get a variety of mages to choose from. The way it works is by credits. You need to buy credits in order to download an image. The bigger the image, the more credits it’s worth. Single purchases and monthly subscriptions are both available. Find out which package works best for you.

If you’re a blogger, business owner or just someone who constantly needs new photography this is perfect for you. There are so many beautiful photos at Fotolia and the range is much more broader than what you get by just browsing the internet. The photo above is only one of the many beauty ones I loved.