Hard Candy's Collection at Walmart is Major

Have you checked out some of Hard Candy’s new products? Well, you should! I received three products that are too amazing not to share with all of you. You're about to find out why I can't get enough of the Walk The Line collection. First is the duo, liquid liner called 24 Hour Lash Grow. One side is black, while the other goes on clear. This liquid liner does not budge, which is a plus in my book. My days are super long and I don't always have the time to re-apply my makeup. Since I started using this I have never been asked so often what kind of eye liner I'm using. But wait, it gets better – this liquid liner is also a treatment for your lashes. While you wear it, it is also helping the growth of your lashes. You'll be promoting growth for your lashes day and night, by applying the clear serum overnight. I haven’t noticed any growth yet, but it’s always a plus to use a product as beneficial as this.

Not a fan of liquid liner? Not to worry because Hard Candy has also got a mechanical eyeliner  (also from the Walk The Line collection) available in a variety of colors. I’m using it in Santorni, which is a very pretty blueish, green color. I love lining my bottom lash line with this, halfway, to add a little touch of color to my eyes.

The third product is the one I think I am most excited about. I’m all about sparkle and gold and have been searching for a good eye shadow with the perfect combination. I found it in Hard Candy’s gold Eye Def Glitter Eye Shadow. This creamy eye shadow can be applied with your fingers or a brush. Add more for drama or keep it subtle – it’s up to you.

Shop these items at Walmart for a more than reasonable price and visit Hard Candy for more details.