Hair Pillow Review

slideshow_2 There is nothing more frustrating than waking up in the morning with your hair done from yesterday's celebrations and finding unwanted creases or lines in the middle of your hair. This past weekend, I attended a wedding and went to my favorite hairstylist from Pure Spa and Salon NYC for big, voluminous waves. As I maintain a wash-once-a-week routine with my hair, I was adamant about preserving this hairstyle for the remainder of the week.

The Lifestyle Pillows - Hair Pillow arriving on my doorstep prior to the wedding gave me a chance to preserve my loose, full curls. Attached with a lovely and inspiring note from the President/CEO of Lifestyle Pillows herself, Dr. Dawn Jones, I was instantly warmed by the personal touch. The Hair Pillow is "a comfortable and supportive pillow that allows women and men to preserve their hairstyles while allowing them to have a comfortable night's sleep". The Hair Pillow includes curves at the edges of the pillow, allowing the head to be supported, while not compromising any hairstyle. This eliminates any creasing or compressing when lying down. Returning from the wedding I attended, I placed the Hair Pillow on my neck, making sure to place all my hair over the Hair Pillow. After a restless night of tossing and turning, I was surprised to wake up with my hairstyle still intact and with my curls especially voluminous - putting my hair over the pillow contributed to the bigger volume. I did sleep comfortably, although adjusting to sleeping on a thinner pillow did take getting used to. Additionally, I appreciated the travel bag that the Hair Pillow came with, making it easier to transport and to take while traveling. It is also available in two densities to suit your personal preference, medium or firm.

Hair Pillow travel bag.


Hair Pillow up close.


Hair Pillow satin cover in coral.

Satin covers are also available for the Hair Pillow.  You can choose from purple and pink -- the satin pillow case is an accessory to the Hair Pillow that helps to control fly-aways and hair breakage. The Hair Pillow allows for more flexibility than having it be used for sleeping -- it can also be used while reading, lying down or relaxing. Its versatile use makes this a coveted, innovative product, for the man or woman on the go. The Hair Pillow is $65 and cases are $25. For more information on Lifestyle Pillows, please visit them on We're confident you will fall in love with your hair all over again - even the next morning!