Guide To Shopping For Jeans

Jeans are an essential staple in any wardrobe. Like a favorite pair of shoes, your best jeans make you look great and go with just about anything, and can be dressed up or down to fit many social situations. To find the jeans that look perfect on your shape, try out these basic tips.  WOMENS

When trying on the recommended five to eight pairs needed to find great fitting jeans, consider close but not quite pairs; straight leg jeans can be altered without changing the shape. Petite ladies can have them hemmed. Avoid conspicuous cuffs, however, as they can give the wearer an impression of being shorter than she really is. This goes also for tall jeans wearers. Most prefer a leg that falls to the bottom of one’s heel; if one you love doesn’t quite measure up, you can have the hem let out. When trying on jeans in the store, plan on spending time trying on different sizes and shapes. Do not be afraid to spend some time trying on different sizes of the same types to see what you like best. Sit, squat and walk around to make sure they don’t pinch or bind up uncomfortably, or are too loose in undesirable areas. Jeans should be pleasingly snug from waist to knees, then a leg cut that works best with the footwear you desire. Finding the perfect pair and snagging two or three pairs that will stretch out your wardrobe will make the time spent all worthwhile. You might consider purchasing two of the same shape and having the hem altered to suit your footwear.

For any body type, some general jeans buying tips do apply, for instance embellishments or flaps draw attention to their location on the jeans, so use those only for spots you want to emphasize. Choose a midrise waist that fits snugly over the widest part of your body, without squeezing (consider these “Originals”, a great fitting mid-rise boot cut from True Religion).Boot cut will minimize a pudgy waist by balancing your silhouette, just as it will help ‘larger across the hips’ pear-shapes. Much denim can even be found in a variety of colors; dark blue is the most slimming, but white can be a versatile and classy addition (like these refreshingly bright rolled straight leg jeans also from True Religion) to your wardrobe. Good luck!