Guide to False Lashes

False eyelashes are very easily the most underrated beauty accessory. They tend to be cost-friendly, easy to use, and incredibly glamorous. The next time you plan to create bold eye makeup with some added drama, look to any drug or beauty supply store for these lash styles. Keep in mind that the selection of false eyelashes goes far beyond the styles shown below, for those eager to achieve even more standout eye looks.

To enhance your natural lashes:



For bold, femme fatale-inspired eyes:




For super edgy, whisked eyelashes:




For lengthy lashes that make the eyes pop:


To apply any of these strip lashes takes just a few minutes. Start with your eye makeup completed, minus eyeliner. Apply a small dot of eyelash glue to each lash strip in 3 places: the two ends and once in the middle. Allow the glue to get tacky by letting it dry for 30 seconds. Using both your fingers and tweezers, start at the inner corner of your eyelid and work your way out, gently pressing and securing the lash right along the edge of the lid, as close to your natural lash roots as possible. Once the lashes are secure,sit with your eyes closed for approximately one minute to allow the glue to dry. After they are dry, go ahead and apply the rest of your eyeliner and mascara if you wish. Feel free to curl the lashes, too.

My recommendation for people who are unfamiliar with false eyelashes and who don't want to spend too much money is to purchase false lashes by E.L.F. These lashes are are easy to use, budget friendly and can be found in stores such as Target and Walgreens.

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