Grow Your Hair Long With Hair Vitamins

I'm no stranger to hair extensions -- in fact I'm kind of known for wearing hair extensions. Big, voluminous hair is something that I love, but haven't been blessed with naturally. While I don't mind clipping in a few hair extensions for extra thickness, I did want something to help my own hair. Hair La Vie, Hair vitamins, Vegetarian Hair Vitamins

That little something came in the form of a cute bottle -- Hair La Vie hair vitamins. I started taking these hair vitamins just a few weeks ago and can already see a positive difference. My hair feels fuller and is definitely growing quicker. When it comes to hair growth it's not an instant fix. Your hair is not going to grow overnight, but with the help of these vitamins the process will speed up. Results are also going to vary with every individual. Here are some statistics:

  • 92% of users see results within the first month
  • 84% of users report a faster growth rate
  • 76% of consumers report thicker hair growth within the first two months of use

With Hair La Vie you're going to need to take the vitamins over a longer period of time to experience the full extent of it. I plan on continuing the process and look forward to using less and less hair extension clips ;)

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