Find Out Why Green Is Good

As a beauty blogger most people think I’m obsessed with makeup. While that does have some truth to it, I’m actually even more obsessed with skin care. What we put on our skin, as well as what we don’t put on it, has a tremendous effect on its appearance. By knowing what your skin’s needs are, you’ll get a better idea of the sort of products you should be putting on it.

One thing that I would say is important it’s to try to use products within the same brand. They’re usually made to work with one another and the results will be the proof. Take the Green People for instance -- their skin care products have a ton of natural oils, vitamins and plants that bring nothing but benefits for the skin.

Vitamin C Facial Moisturizer-

When it comes to moisturizers I love when I find an effective, light-weight formula like this one. I love applying this in the mornings especially because it’s so refreshing and absorbs quickly into my skin. Their formula helps reduce skin discoloration and age spots.

For a boost in skin care try using the Vitamin C Concentrate Serum underneath the moisturizer. This plumps your skin cells and helps a lot with the aging process. Another fun product of theirs is their Botanical Hydrating Mist. Any time you need a little pick me up (especially on those warmer days) spritz some of this stuff to refresh your skin.

Check out Green People’s entire ingredient glossary and their benefits and learn for yourself how great the products are!