Review: Organic Salon LeSalon NYC

LeSalon New York, Organic hair care, organic hair salon Tucked in a small corner in between the all-powerful workers of the Untied Nations and the fast-paced commuters running into Grand Central Station, is a small yet spacious boutique hair salon, LeSalon NYC. Founded in 2008, LeSalon features Organic Salon Systems, a line of hair care containing certified organic ingredients.

Organic Care Systems Products

Upon entering LeSalon NYC, I was warmly greeted by one of their hair colorists and was offered a relaxing glass of white wine. Soft lights, white walls, soothing music and a beautiful chandelier on top instantly relaxed my tensed and stressed temperament. While waiting, Donna, one of the salon owners, introduced herself to me and discussed the basics of organic hair care. Additionally, Vincent, the very interactive and enthusiastic Certified Organic Hair colorist, came over to further discuss the basics of organic hair care and to start my hair analysis. While informing me about the hazardous effects of traditional at-home and in-salon hair coloring systems, Vincent proceeded with my hair analysis and informed me of my hair's elasticity. Despite the fact that my hair was strong, it lacked a significant amount of moisture. Admittedly, that has been attributed to years of self-wear-and-tear via use of harsh shampoos and conditioners, flat irons and lack of heat protectants. Based on this analysis, Vincent led me to the back where he would utilize a detox vegan hair treatment, calmly massaging my scalp. This particular detox treatment contains Vitamin C, helps remove minerals and residue from previous harsh hair products. Additionally, it cleanses and balances the scalp, making sure to stimulate hair growth while massaging slowly and thoroughly. I was then led under a hair dryer while the conditioner was in my hair, so as to help activate and open up my hair cuticles (for the product to be absorbed). For first-time clients like myself, it should be noted that this detox treatment may take several days, weeks or even months, depending on the level of toxicity in one's hair. In a society driven by instant gratification, this seems a bit hard to swallow, however, the result of a scalp free of harsh and toxic chemicals is more beneficial not only to your hair, but to one's health as well.


The reconstructor treatment  follows the detox treatment - the Organic Care Systems's Aqua Boost Shampoo and Aqua Boost Conditioner was used in order to restore moisture back into my hair. Finishing off with a blowout using Thermal 2 Twenty, a perfume-free heat protectant (protecting hair from heat up to 220 degrees Celsius), I was surprised and pleased to discover that my hair was soft, shiny, healthy-looking and very lightweight. Regardless of all products just used on my hair, its lightweight feel was testament to the fact that my hair had already been beginning to reap the benefits of a hair care system free of harsh chemicals and toxins. photo-6

LeSalon NYC adopts a holistic approach to hair care - not only are clients empowered to make better choices regarding their hair health and wellness, but they are empowered to adopt this approach to other areas of their life as well. LeSalon NYC's focus on educating their clients regarding their health and wellness is evident through their very informative discussions about the effects of toxic chemicals such as sulfate, parabens, ammonia and formaldehyde. This option is also very suitable for those with sensitive skin and for anyone who wishes to avoid any further exposure to unnecessary chemicals. Donna and Vincent assisted me with my maintenance of this healthy approach to hair care by generously handing me Organic Care Systems' Aqua Boost Shampoo, Aqua Boost Conditioner and Thermal 2 Twenty. Organic Care Systems contain no parabens or sulfates, are not manufactured with animal products and are not tested on animals. Furthermore, Organic Care Systems is approved by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as cruelty-free and vegan.

For more information about this salon, you can find them on Facebook or on their website, LeSalon New York. This transformative experience has been nothing short of eye-opening, positive and empowering. Thanks to Donna and Vincent, I look forward to adopting and discussing this different level of hair health and wellness to the rest of my networks!