Green Beauty For Earth Day

Earth Day was this past Sunday and I hope you all enjoyed it! The Holiday reminds me that it’s important to incorporate a GREEN lifestyle with the beauty products we use. SURFACE has a collection of products that can not only accommodate a green lifestyle but work wonders on your hair as well.

Most recently I’ve been using their TAFFY WHIP which is a special edition product. From the proceeds made on this product 10% will go to the Earth Day 2012 organization which supports Earth Day.

When I first heard the name the first thing I thought of was candy, because of the ‘Taffy’. I opened it and it smelled sweet just like candy. For me it’s the perfect alternative to keep hair and curls in place if you don’t want to use hair spray or gel. You get a much natural hold and it still keeps frizz under control. I find myself reaching for it when my hair needs a little smoothing.

How is this a GREEN product you ask? Here’s why:



-Petrolatum/mineral oil-free




-Vegan - animal protein-free

-No artificial colorants or fragrances

-Sustainably harvested ingredients

-PVP free

-Formulated with certified ORGANIC botanicals and sustainable harvested ingredients

-All products are offered in recyclable packaging.