Grand Slams Gives Way To 'Glamour' by Amanda Kidd

Glamour is nothing new in sporting circuit. And when it is Tennis, anything and everything is glamorous about it. Be it on or off the court, style statements are made practically in every nuke and corner. With designer outfits adorning the players, different shades, shoes and pieces of jewelry don’t stay far behind. Brands such as Nike have designed exclusive clothing line for all the mega stars of the tennis circuit. And why not? This is one of the few games which hop all the limelight when on. Be it Ronald Garos or Wimbledon, along with the sporting stars caressing the center court, comes some exclusive style statements to leave us gasping for more.

Cut to 1971, when tennis circuit saw its first fashionista. Cris Evert in her own subtle way showed the world that Tennis is much more than a racket, ball and a court. With her ponytail flying in the air, her femininity won heart throughout the world.

The world probably first time saw a Tennis player with glamour and style than the usual masculinity associated with the game. And what followed after her is history. With stars like Steffi Graf and Martina Hingis, tennis saw the advent of true clamor both on and off the court. At the same time Martina Navratilova carved a special place with all time short pants.

But in the last decade fashion has seen an absolute revelation in sporting events. In tennis though, thanks to the likes of Maria Sharapova and the William sisters. Now special dresses are being designed for each and every tournament or match they play. Dresses on the court along with shoes and studs and alluring ensembles off the field with fancy bags, heels and jewelry. Tennis circuit rises high on glamour quotient.

Sharapova’s A-line frocks and Serena’s trendy pendant are style statements more than mere fashion apparels. Designer houses are coming up with different designs which are not only fashionable but are also comfortable to wear on the nets.

Nonetheless, with stars teaming up with designer houses to create their own fashion line, grand slam is no longer a place for only grit and grace, but glamour too. Perhaps, one of the most admired sporting events showcases the most desired sporting apparels and accessories to be admired by the sports and fashion lovers.

Well, a deadly blend of fashion and sport leaves us grasping for more, every time they are on the grand slam, making it grand in the very true sense.


About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger and writer and she frequently writes about most expensive things upcoming in the market recently her interest is grown in most expensive cities and plush things to splurge on.