Going Green The Beauty Way

April is Earth Month and to help celebrate I want to invite you all to make some small changes with me in our everyday lives. You wouldn't believe how the smallest change can have a significant impact on our planet. EcoTools is educating us on how easy these changes can be through their Live Beautifully, Give Beautifully campaign. If you're wondering where to start making these changes, how about through your beauty routine? All EcoTools products are made up of renewable, recycled and cruelty-free materials. You can confidently shop their makeup brushes without feeling any guilt -- especially during this month. As part of the Live Beautifully, Give Beautifully campaign, for every brush purchased from the EcoTools Complexion Collection, $1 will be donated to Global Green USA.

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The makeup brushes from the Complexion Collection are amazing to say the least. They're a makeup/skincare hybrid of brushes. Not only do the brushes offer a flawless application, but they aid in skin care needs like fine lines and oily skin as well. They were created to work with your skin, just as much as they're made to work with products. I also love that the bristles are so soft and work great with cream products, moisturizers and powders. The brushes you'll find in the collection are:

  • Mattifying Finish Brush
  • Skin Perfecting Brush
  • Correcting Concealer Brush
  • Eye Perfecting Brush

Now that you know how to start making powerful changes in your beauty routine, that will do the earth some good, lets focus on some other things we can change. Throughout the month, EcoTools will be sharing tips on how you can go green. The tips can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Use the hashtag #EcoInspire to follow along.

I love the tips they've already started sharing like:

  • Ride your bicycle to work instead of a car
  • Use glass jars to store items around the house
  • Re-use old t-shirts and towels as cleaning rags
  • Pay your bills online

Imagine all of the good we can do for our planet and our future lives by making the smallest of changes. I hope you will all join me and go green together!

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